Join Us at Crossroads’ Trivia Night!


Crossroads College Prep is well known for the diversity of its student body, the quality education the students receive, and the fantastic extracurricular opportunities that are made possible by our small but enthusiastic community of teachers, coaches, and play directors.  One of these standouts is our state and nationally-ranked chess team.

The chess team is hosting its annual trivia night on February 7th.  Trivia nights are a fun way to spend the evening with friends and family.  The questions are general knowledge, so there is something for everyone.  People bring food to share and there are also complimentary snacks and beverages.  In addition, we have a great silent auction and cash prizes.  If you have never been to a trivia night before, you don’t know the fun you have been missing!

The Crossroads College Prep community has shown their support for our recent athletic achievements by attending the playoff matches, and for our outstanding drama program by filling the seats for the fall play and spring musicals.  We are now asking you to support the young men and women who have dedicated so much time to our team’s success.   Invite your friends and help fill a table of 8 for trivia night on February 7th. Click here to register.