Heather and Lake Family to Move to LA


Dear Friends,

The recent news of the Rams relocating to Los Angeles has created quite a stir in my life. After 10 1/2 years at Crossroads College Prep, I will be moving my family to support my husband Jim’s career with the Rams. Many of you know this, but Jim just completed his 31st season with the team. He started as a ball boy at the age of 13. He was one of the guys unpacking the trucks in St. Louis on July 5, 1995 and will be one of the guys doing it again in Los Angeles. My time at Crossroads will end on June 30, 2016.

This upcoming change and the process leading up to it is very emotional for me. Frankly, it’s emotional for my entire family. When I first started working here, one of my donors from SLU asked how it “was”. My quick response was that I had never seen teenagers behave so thoughtfully with each other and otherwise and that I had a much more hope for the future of our world. Now this many years later, I still feel that way. Crossroads is an incredible place; not only for the young people in the building, but also for the adults who have the good fortune to spend their days here.

My children have literally grown up at Crossroads. Jonathan (sophomore) was in kindergarten, Parker (8th grade) was in pre-K, and Isaac (7th grade) was only 1/1/2 years old when I began working at Crossroads. They have no other memories of their mother’s work besides Crossroads. They became a part of fabric of the school simply by association but came to love this place through helping with countless school events, spending their after school time at their mom’s work, and now all attending here. NONE of them, including myself, want to go to another school, but life is dictating other circumstances. As I say to prospective donors, students here develop a great sense of self and begin to formulate their own life mission that I believe will make the world a better place. Our entire family has had the same experience, and I know it will serve all of us well in our future endeavors. We are all better for having spent so many years here. What gives me a sense of ease is that my children have had a great foundation; a foundation that should serve them well with acclimation as well as to serve a change agents, if necessary, in our often unjust/unequal world.

I’m disappointed to leave this great school at a time when I believe we are on the cusp of some great things. I feel a bit like Tony from West Side Story, but I know something’s coming! My disappointment only lies in my not being here to witness it as it unfolds. The energy and momentum around what I perceive as wonderful leadership, both from Jason and the Board, is setting Crossroads up for great success. I can’t wait to see from afar where that energy and leadership takes the school.

This decision is difficult to fully process, but it is my hope that I can end this year on a high note, setting Crossroads, Jason, and the next Director of Development up for success.

My door is open should you have questions for me or wish to discuss this coming change. I will miss this place greatly.