Health Professions Fair


Ten juniors and sophomores attended the annual health professions fair at Washington University School of Medicine on February 3rd. They met with a diverse range of professionals from the Saint Louis area, practiced a few hands-on skills, and listened to a panel discussion on addictive behaviors.

Thank you to the following students for representing Crossroads College Prep so well (it was a good day for “Fancy Day”): Tova Cohen, Pete Hamilton, Daniel Hudson, Essence Price, Siane Moore, Kayla Sullivan, Maggie Fox, Grace Gerbi, Rachael John, and Makayla Parker-Knighten. They learned a lot!

Health fair 6 of 7

Tova learning how to suture.

Health fair 5 of 7

Kayla practicing chest compressions.

Health Fair 4 of 7

Makayla and Siane learning basic chest compressions.

Health Fair 3 of 7

Maggie, Rachael, and Grace speak with a gastroenterologist.

Health Fair 2 of 7

Makayla and Essence practice with a respirator.