Happy 50th to Our Dear Community: A Message from Mark and Sarah

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Happy 50th to Our Dear Crossroads Community!

Throughout 2024, we will celebrate, look back, and plan our next steps forward. If you have not returned to Crossroads for some time, this is the year for a visit! We want to see photos from your days at Crossroads and hear your stories, and we want to learn more about what you are doing now.

Our first students, those who started middle school in 1974, are now in their early sixties, to say nothing of their teachers! While we have moved buildings and made other significant changes, more has stayed the same, even with cell phones and a post-pandemic generation in our halls. Crossroads continues to educate young people to be full citizens, challenge their assumptions, grow their minds, be self-advocates, and bend the arc of history toward justice. The job is a daunting one, but essential and worthwhile. Through dedication and hard work, a Crossroads education has consistently created opportunities for our young people in college and beyond. 

Thank you for all you have done to keep the Crossroads tradition alive and working in the City of Saint Louis. There is no better way to officially begin our 50th-year celebration than with a word from Arthur, one of the co-founders of our school.

As always, thank you for everything you do for Crossroads,

Mark & Sarah