Remarks by Dr. Jason Heisserer, Head of School, to the Class of 2018


I believe that the class of 2018 will represent our mission and their experiences at Crossroads well in the communities they join after graduation. I believe in their effort, their excellence, and their willingness to engage with others and with learning, justice, and equity.

I believe that the class of 2018’s college and university communities, their friends and developing professional networks, and the cities, towns, and families they choose and join will be different and better as a result of this.

When I take some time to imagine how the Class of 2018 will contribute and have an impact on future relationships and communities:

  • I imagine Zahra Abdalhasan contributing her thoughtful opinions and using a strong voice for the good of all.
  • I imagine Naysa Adams’s optimism, leadership, and authenticity leveraging a community’s strengths.
  • I imagine Donnovan Aguayo-Craig’s sensitivity and search for what is genuine supporting strong relationships.
  • I imagine Joey Blank’s sense of humor, participation, and consideration of ideas from multiple perspectives to be impactful on any group’s sense of self and sense of belonging.
  • I imagine Jason Boettcher’s precision and intellect contributing to any project’s excellence.
  • I imagine Jackson Buhr’s sense of irony, sense of humor, and quiet and sometimes hidden reflection bringing those around him great joy.
  • I imagine Esmé Call’s curiosity and appreciation for complex questions and ideas elevating the learning of those around her.
  • I imagine Dylan Cassilly’s pursuit of multiple paths to conclusions and his artistry challenging the status quo.
  • I imagine Kennedie Deutschmann’s inner wisdom and life experience providing guidance to those around her.
  • I imagine Blake Fondren’s thoughtful participation, leadership, and connectedness creating belonging and community among any peer group.
  • I imagine that Rebecca Jaffe’s big heartedness and intensity will elevate any experience positively.
  • I imagine Brendan King’s positivity and leadership helping those around him meet any challenge.
  • I imagine Kellen King’s hard work, commitment, and curiosity bringing consistency and depth to any undertaking.
  • I imagine Grace Knight’s loyalty, dedication, and generosity being the glue that holds groups together.
  • I imagine Douglas Koller’s thoughtful consideration of ideas, conscientiousness and quiet sense of irony to be foundational to the success of those around him.
  • I imagine Addy Koziol’s patience, persistence, and curiosity being a source of strength and energy.
  • I imagine Sophia Lavallee’s creativity and unique and insightful thinking providing inspiration for new ideas.
  • I imagine Wayne Ling’s quiet consistency providing confidence for meeting challenges head on.
  • I imagine Nyla Long’s leadership and commitment supporting a more just and representative community.
  • I imagine Sasha Loper-Diltz’s participation, ability to connect, and her community orientation creating belonging and consensus.
  • I imagine Ethan Lutjens’s joyfulness, kindness, and energy bringing youth and life to a multitude of situations.
  • I imagine Ari Maayan’s kindness, curiosity, and gentle tempermant contributing to the joy and ease of a variety of situations.
  • I imagine Gerald McAdoo’s charisma, optimism, and curiosity leading any charge or project.
  • I imagine Sydni Norville’s intellect and precision creating exemplary work as a model for excellence.
  • I imagine Charlie O’Gorman as an entrepreneur and catalyst for ideas, businesses, and communities.
  • I imagine Allison Pautler loyalty, creativity, and artistry supporting the work of others.
  • I imagine Ella Pomatto to be both artistic and brave and this will culminate in her making art for causes important to her.
  • I imagine Daniel Shabsin’s precision, participation, and steadiness to result in communities and relationships of great stability.
  • I imagine AJ Sherman’s sense of irony and pragmatism contributing to revisions and improvements.
  • I imagine Rachel Stone’s independence and self-sufficiency will make her a great mentor.
  • I imagine Jake Strum’s perseverance and confident and independent thinking providing great advice to those around him.
  • I imagine Elena Thomas-Dietz’s enthusiasm and insight providing a model of strength and independence.
  • I imagine Charlotte Vieth providing excellent feedback and follow through because of her hard work, humility, and keen powers of observation.
  • I imagine Rachel Wang’s commitment to hard work and participation making any group productive and working at a high standard.
  • I imagine Nia Wilson’s independence, observation, and deep thinking keeping communities on track and aligned with their values.
  • I imagine Alex Zan’s intellect, independence, and dry sense of humor supporting interesting adventures.
  • I imagine Maya Zerazion building common ground with her insight and ability to connect people together.