Graduation 2015 Remarks: Zack Boyers, Chair, Board of Trustees


Good afternoon. My name is Zack Boyers, and I have the great privilege of serving the Crossroads community as Chair of the Board of Trustees. I would like to extend a warm welcome to the parents, families and friends of the graduates, the Board of Trustees, Administration, Faculty and Staff of Crossroads College Preparatory School, and most importantly today to the members of the Class of 2015, themselves.

Crossroads was founded in 1974 with a vision of a unique educational community in the City of St. Louis, an environment that would not only respect but embrace every individual, and, while doing so, ensure that each would weave together, with every voice and face contributing to make a small but deeply important place in our region. 40 years later, our school is a beacon to many, a model of what is possible. It does something rare in the way human connections, a network of mutuality, a sense of belonging and a shared purpose… emerge. Everyone who is part of this place has surely seen the quiet, understated magic, as I have.

The magic that you, the Class of 2015, have helped to make here at Crossroads becomes a lasting part of who We all are. The plays you’ve put on, the chess tournaments, the games, the art in the halls, the papers and analysis and research, the music you’ve made, the laughs and tears you’ve shared with one another and with us: these belong to you, but they become, today, a part of our shared Crossroads’ history. You have shared so much of your true selves with us; and I want to thank you.

As trustees, we are inspired by the way that all of you honor and care for that special Crossroads version of community. We are inspired to preserve what you have helped to build, and do, and create, while also being inspired to reach and grow, to imagine a Crossroads for the next 40 years that will change with time, but will always be true to you, our graduates and the founding principles here.

With my few final words here today, I ask you consider the following:

— You know how these special things, this magic, gets made
— By giving time and space and respect to others, so that you can see and hear and engage with them,
— By being in service to one another and in service to big, meaningful, important ideas and aspirations….
— By understanding, deeply, that what affects any one of us, affects us all…
— you are uniquely equipped to spread this knowledge, these ideals, as you have done a wonderful job of stewarding them for our community… So, take what you have learned here, and spread it everywhere you go…. And then be sure to come back to share what you have seen and done … you will always be welcome here!

When you first came to Crossroads, I’m sure this day seemed impossibly far away. Now here you are — our graduating class, the class of 2015. Thank you for all you’ve done, and Congratulations!