Good Work Partner: The ScholarShop


Brooke Scholar

Brooke and Jas

Faith Sandler, Executive Director of the Scholarship Foundation and Crossroads parent of Claire Holohan, Class of 2011, and Pete Holohan, Class of 2013, helped advise on the creation of our Good Work program.  The ScholarShop has been a steady and active member of our Good Work team ever since.  Rita Dillard begins each new year with our volunteers running a simulation that asks our students to put themselves in the place of a less economically advantaged student trying to figure out how to afford college.  Our students spend time working in the ScholarShop and often return to volunteer there in the summer; some Crossroadians and Good Work “graduates” have gone on to work at the Scholarshop as a summer job in college.  Our work with the ScholarShop has been a long and fruitful one, helping our students learn about the relationship between college opportunity and socioeconomic status.

The ScholarShop: ScholarShop sells upscale men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel; jewelry; accessories; and collectibles that have been carefully selected from the annual donations of more than 8,000 people and businesses in the St. Louis region. ScholarShop is operated by The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis.  (

ScholarShop operations generate retail sales of more than $3 million annually. Net proceeds are an ongoing source of funding for the mission of The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis, including the Interest-Free Loan Program for qualified postsecondary students from low-income backgrounds (