Good Work Partner: SouthSide Early Childhood Center


SouthSide Early Childhood Center is (SECC) one of our founding Good Work partners.  Anne Lowell, Executive Director, (Crossroads parent of Rebecca Lowell, Class of 2009, and Johanna Lowell, Class of 2011) offered advice when Crossroads created the Good Work program, and we have been working with their teachers, staff, and young ones every since.  Arriving around nap time, Crossroadians have acted as teacher helpers or have accompanied the non-napping few.  Now over 120 years old, SECC is a thoroughly impressive non-profit and an exemplar of good work.  Thanks for your partnership!

From SECC:
Every child deserves the best early childhood education and care available. We welcome families from all walks of life, children who speak any language and children with special needs.

Located in South St. Louis City, SouthSide Early Childhood Center (formerly South Side Day Nursery) was founded in 1886 by 15 Unitarian women to provide low-income children a safe, nurturing and educational environment while their parents were at work. For more than 120 years, SouthSide Early Childhood Center has carried on the vision of its founders, serving hundreds of families every year. Today we provide exceptional early education and nurturing childcare that prepares children for success in school and allows parents to work or attend school.

Please take a look at their beautiful website:  Consider clicking on About SouthSide and then The SouthSide Story.  Very cool!