Good Work Opportunity: Project Greatness


Project Greatness is an organization made up of volunteers who are highly committed to making the community a more loving and safe place, allowing children to express their greatness.

We are making a difference in the world daily! We are transforming schools and learning centers for children by collaborating with community leaders, ministers, teachers, administrators, parents, and students. We are showing our appreciation to the students, teachers, and administrators through beautification projects for schools and learning centers. Through our beautification projects we do cleaning; landscaping; minor construction; and painting of murals, inspirational messages, and affirmations.

On Saturday, April 11 we are partnering with the Greater St. Mark Family Church and the Jamison Agency in creating an amazing summer learning center for 120 children living in North St. Louis County. We invite the Crossroads community to join us at:

Greater St. Mark Family Church

1826 Chambers Rd, St. Louis, MO 63136

Saturday, April 11

From 9 AM-4 PM

We will be transforming an educational space in order to support a summer youth program. This summer program will provide safety, fun, empowerment, and learning for children, in kindergarten through eighth grade, who live in Ferguson, Florissant, Jennings, and Moline Acres. Approximately 83-96% of children residing in these communities are underserved and typically eligible for free and reduced lunches, according to the Missouri Department of Elementary Education. Together we can help make their summer better. You can join us in making a positive impact! We are requesting volunteers, financial donations, and in-kind contributions to support our efforts. All donations are tax deductible.

Society is a network of souls, not buildings. Community is a tapestry of hearts, not boundaries. We are a collection of people who pool our talents, creativity, and passions to make our world a more joyous place for all of us to live and express our greatness. Join us, make a difference and have some fun!

–Kathie Thomas, current parent