Good Work at Riverlands


Riverlands Good Work crew ventured to Little Creek Nature Area on Thursday, March 12 for their Good Work afternoon.  Little Creek is a 100-acre piece of property owned by the Ferguson/Florissant School District and is used as part of their science curriculum. Surprisingly, the secluded property is located just off I-270 at Dunn Road. Crossroads students joined a group of Seniors from McCluer North and East High Schools in the classroom to find out more about the area and to learn what they would be doing.

Our project for the day was to help thin honey-suckle vines and plants that are choking out areas of the forest. We learned to identify the correct invasive species and how to properly extract it from the ground.  Students teamed up and ventured into the woods to attack this invasive species.  Ironically, honey-suckle was planted in the 1970s to help prevent erosion, but it proved to be too hearty and has taken over where it was planted.
After a good amount of pulling and digging, we said goodbye to our McCluer group and took a walking tour of the property with Eric, a Biology teachers stationed at Little Creek.  The creek is spring fed, there are a few ponds on the property, and a natural prairie has been planted. There are also signs of wildlife throughout the property.
If you would like to visit, Saturday April 25 is Earth Day, and students from the Ferguson/Florissant School District will be giving walking tours of the property.