Girls Giving


Girls Giving is a side project of the Spirit of St. Louis Women’s Fund that was started just this year by Kathy Frost. She has a daughter in 11th grade, and Kathy encouraged her along with other girls to join Girls Giving. Each of the 30 members contributed $100 to collectively give a small grant to a non-profit organization. Girls Giving members had weekend meetings throughout the year to learn about being young philanthropists and review grants from non-profit organizations. Mrs. Frost chose four non-profit organizations that had a budget of less than one million dollars to explore using our newly learned skills. All of the members split into four groups, each one visiting a different organization to really get the feel of each organization. Finally, we all came together to relay what we had learned on our site visits and choose which organization we were to give our grant to. The first year of Girls Giving was a great success, and Mrs. Frost is hoping that next year even more girls will join.

“Girls Giving was an amazing experience for me. It really enlightened me to how the grant process works, and it further opened my mind to giving to organizations. It would be excellent if more girls from Crossroads could join next year!” -Maggie, 10th grade

“Girls giving led me to many different organizations in the Saint Louis area. I have gotten to meet girls from many other schools and work together with them. It will be great to see Girls Giving grow, and I hope to see some CCPS faces there!”- Claire, 10th grade

Brochures for this program are available in the Crossroads front office.