First Quarter Grades and Conferences


Families have received grade reports for first quarter. If you would like to access all the details which determine a child’s grade, you may do so through Edline as you did at mid-quarter.

For 7th and 8th graders, quarter grades are discrete: they have a clean “grading slate” starting this week. For 9th-12th grade students, the first quarter is approximately half of the semester grade, with second quarter making up the rest. For classes with December exams, the exam makes up a portion as well (and is available on the course’s description posted on Edline).

Please join us at conferences to discuss your child’s (children’s) work, growth, and grades. Conferences are Friday from 11:00-8:00; individual conferences are 10 minutes long. Please consider bringing your child to this important meeting. If you have not signed up yet, you can still do so online (by clicking here) until Thursday 10/23 at noon. After that time, you may come on Friday to see if the teachers have free time available on their schedules (posted on their doors). See you Friday!