First Quarter Activity Classes


First quarter activity classes are up and running (see class list below). Teachers can step out of their normal subject area and offer a class that piques student interest and speaks to a particular passion of the teacher. Every year, some of these classes are conceived of and lead by our students: Literary Magazine, Yearbook, Choir, and Social Justice are all cases in point. Activity classes are also special in our hearts because they help build connections across grade levels; an activity class may have students in it from 7th-12th grades.

Activity class offerings for the first quarter:

  • Archery
  • Calligraphy
  • Chess
  • Choir
  • CurrentNewz
  • Dance Studio
  • Darts
  • French Culture
  • Life Skills
  • Literary Magazine
  • Media Team
  • Mock Trial
  • MS Band
  • MS Open Studio
  • Social Justice
  • Song Writing
  • Strategic Card Games
  • US Open Studio Art
  • Walking for Inspiration
  • Yearbook