Drone Crew Takes Off!

Zoe ConnerUncategorized

This year, we received an incredible grant from the Innovative Technology Education Fund for some high-tech, high-def drones. The capabilities and professional applications of drones make them a perfect focus for a 5th Day course.

In Drone Crew, students learn how to fly, maneuver, and film with drones. They also learn creative and technical skills by staging, directing, and editing videos using drone footage. So far, they’ve made two short films – one of our local Skinker Debaliviere neighborhood, the other of Crossroads from a birds eye view.

Our students know how lucky and unique this opportunity is, and they want to share it with the St. Louis community! If you’re connected to a non-profit who might benefit from some FREE drone footage, please reach out to the Drone Crew through tom@crossroadscollegeprep.org. Watch the first two Drone Crew films  and please share them with interested non-profits!