Different and Better



Today I was speaking with some prospective parents, and I discovered that I was speaking at length about our students and graduates. I suppose I am feeling a bit sentimental as the school year ends. I am also very excited to join our faculty, staff, Board of Trustees, and families and friends to celebrate the 34th Graduation Ceremony for Crossroads College Preparatory School. We will begin promptly at noon on Sunday, May 15th, and all are invited to attend.

This year, I have been talking with the seniors about how Crossroads is both different and better because of our relationship with them. I believe that because Crossroads is different and better for knowing, teaching, and learning with the Class of 2016 that their college and university communities, their friends and developing professional networks, and the cities, towns, and families they choose and join will also be different and better for being in relationship with them.

It is not just that we are graduating a class of smart individuals. We are graduating a class of smart individuals who understand how to use their thinking, their creativity, and their learning for good. Our students are smart and good, and I assert that you can look to the Class of 2016 for examples of this.

And it is not just that we are better at Crossroads; it is also that I feel as if I am both different and better, as a person and as a professional, for having spent the last two years with these 36 students. Wherever they land, they will still be a part of our network of mutuality, and I can only imagine a better world because of this.

With great expectations,