Current Sports Winter Wrap Up


Boys’ Basketball

The Varsity Boys’ Basketball team had the type of season that can test the very qualities that we feel and hope that athletics at Crossroads builds.After concluding this very difficult season, we discovered that our kids are built to sustain such qualities.

This was a young team that had a great many growing pains. Many of the returning players found themselves in roles that they had not been accustomed to in the past year or two. They had to acclimated to the expectations and the responsibilities. Although the results, as far as wins and losses, did not come as we all would have liked, people that know the game of basketball saw the improvement in many areas.

The most important to me is the fact that during the last two weeks of the season I STILL had coaches, officials and athletic directors telling me how hard our guys were playing. This comes from a determination deep within each student/athlete. In the midst of a very long losing streak, quitting and not working hard is the easy way out. Our boys fought all season, until the last buzzer. This is a testament to each player and Coach Abdul Hamid. Their character and integrity never could be questioned.

I want to send my sincerest appreciation to our seniors that pushed through the long winter. Gabe Felsher was our leader on and off the court. Our best player, Gabe worked through the inexperience around him and stayed positive and productive. Daniel Hudson returned for his senior year and played some solid ball, and stuck with it throughout. Peter Hamilton appeared on the court out of nowhere, and was the intensity and heartbeat of our team the entire year. Thanks to all the younger players that worked so hard. I know that it wasn’t always easy, but it will make you a stronger player and person for having come through with such grit and determination.

Girls’ Basketball

The JV and Varsity Girls’ Basketball teams had a very solid season. Under new coach Mike Pomatto, the girls displayed improvement and development throughout the winter. The JV had an extremely successful season with Monique Roberts at the helm. Monique is a graduate of Crossroads, class of 1999, and we are glad that we were able to add her to our staff.

The girls were determined early in the season to prove themselves to the SCAA. They did just that. They proved to be a difficult and uncomfortable team to play against, playing suffocating defense and working the transition game to their advantage. They were well coached and stuck to their game plan game in and game out. The younger players had plenty of leadership provided by many juniors and seniors. This will prove pivotal for the coming years.

I really want to thank the seniors for all of the time and dedication that they contributed to our program. Essence Paige was arguably the team’s best players for the past few years. She is a steady force both on the floor and in the locker room. Siane Moore provided great energy and speed to the team. She made the team “go” and continued to progress.

Senior Elizabeth Birch missed the entire season, recovering from a torn ACL. She provided quite a curtain call on Senior Night. She was given permission by her doctor to play one last, carefully choreographed play to end her career. Elizabeth received a pass at the top and held the ball. As she held it, her teammates cleared the middle. For the last time Elizabeth saw the opening, as if the Red Sea parted. She drove to the basket and made her layup. The entire gym was so happy that Elizabeth made one last appearance. It’s a memory I will always carry with me.