Courage and Hope


“Justice is dismantling and changing systems
that brought us to this moment.”
Tishaura O. Jones
St. Louis Treasurer


Just over a week ago, Crossroads students met in a 30-minute advisory to discuss the grand jury decision regarding Darren Wilson. This was the day before Thanksgiving break between visits from grandparents/grandfriends and Turducken. Over break, I read teacher summaries of the discussions students had during this time. It is clear from these summaries that students were trying to make sense of things like:

  • Trustworthy sources of information.
  • Feelings of empathy and sadness for all those involved.
  • Feelings of powerlessness.
  • The need for increasing trust and listening.
  • Differences between peaceful protests and rioting.
  • The necessity and speed of change.
  • The necessity and location of police and National Guard.
  • The importance of voting.

Many teachers commented on how serious, thoughtful, and sincere students were as they participated in these discussions. I am reminded of words from our mission statement and am proud of the “respectful citizens” and “critical thinking” and commitment to “civic and social responsibility” demonstrated in these conversations. Struggling with topics that seem beyond their influence and decisions beyond their control takes a great deal of courage and insight, and yet, from what I can determine, our students did their best to be mindful of multiple viewpoints and seem determined to make the world a better place.

At Crossroads, we are smart and good, and I look forward to what our hopeful and courageous students will do to lead for change in our immediate community and beyond.

With great expectations,