Conferences at Crossroads


Conferences are held twice each year, midway through each semester. They serve as an opportunity to bring students, parents and teachers together to discuss students’ progress this year, show and explain major class assignments, and share goals/action plan for continued success. These conferences supplement the communication that occurs daily between students and their teachers about work and the grades and notes that we publish to families.

Conferences are held from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm on Friday, October 23rd: the meetings are ten minutes each. Each family is encouraged to sign up for four conferences – three academic classes and one other. The “other” might be an art or dance class, a counselor, sports or PE, computers or library, advisory, etc. Please limit yourself to three academic classes as we cannot logistically meet everyone for more than three, and please do sign up for one class other than academics as we highly value the activities beyond the English, math, science, history, and foreign language classrooms. Students will not have school that day and are strongly encouraged to attend conferences with their parents.