Community at Crossroads: A Message from Mark and Sarah

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Current Crossroads Community 

Last month, we celebrated the learning we enjoy everyday in the building; this is the work that brings us together: college prep studies are the core of our purpose. This month we want to draw attention to how we help students access that learning: with our strong, personal relationships in a strong community.

A teacher new to Crossroads remarked recently, “I seem to reach my students better here at Crossroads. I know them; I know what they need from me, and it is different for each child. They arrived in my class on Day 1 ready to learn, ready to support one another. This is an amazing community to teach in!”  A new parent noted, “I am continually impressed with Crossroads students. They are so articulate and kind; they seem like people I really want to know better. I am so glad my children are growing up in this community!”

Crossroads is an intentional community and, while our life together creates some blisters and calluses along the way, we remain a community committed to growing together and learning together.  Along with academic growth, this commitment to one another is central to the Crossroads experience, whether you are a current student, family member, staff, or alum. Here are a few more opportunities to join the community:

  • Crossroads Family Organization – This year, we have a dedicated and active parent organization, the CFO.

    • With numerous volunteers and multiple committees the organization is still growing.

    • Gardens have been newly planted, events have been created (the gratitude event, for example), and Crossroads gear is filtering through the ranks.

    • They have been invaluable in terms of the “vibe” in the community.

  • Reconnect with Crossroads Alum Gathering – see the announcement and invitation below for more details and a link to RSVP. We hope to see you there!

“OG” Crossroads  

Hopefully, our alums remember a community that valued them and helped them grow; one where they were seen and valued. That is still core to our identity, even as we add to it.

  • Did you graduate before 2003? If so, you missed our beautiful gymnasium, home of Current athletics.

  • Did you graduate before 2010? If so, you had no Platinum LEED-certified science labs, a roof of solar panels, or a chance to curl up in our beautiful library.

  • No Crossroads alumni have yet had the chance to enjoy our new ping pong table, foosball, or (coming in early January 2022) the “Crossroads Cafe.”

We give thanks for our community and for your continued support.

Sarah and Mark

PS – Thank you to everyone who gave to our Annual Appeal! If you have not yet had a chance to contribute, please click here.