College Counseling

Crossroads’ college counseling program provides personalized support to students and their families, emphasizing the importance of students’ priorities and perspectives as they research schools and interests, imagine what environments might best suit them, manage deadlines through the application process, and make the decision about which college or university to attend after graduation. Our college counseling program is a resource that supports students in choosing appropriate high school classes and connecting students to opportunities, from summer enrichment programs to shadowing or internships.

Historically, 85-90% of our seniors receive acceptance to either their first or second choice school.

To help students through the college application process, the college counseling program offers a number of resources and access for families at all points during a student’s time at Crossroads, with the majority of support taking place during 11th and 12th grades:

  • Free on-campus ACT and SAT Prep
  • Workshop on writing application essays
  • Information sessions on paying for college and completing the FAFSA
  • One-on-one meetings (weekly in fall for seniors) to interpret test scores and compare acceptances and aid packages
  • Mock application review process

With the counselor's help and their families’ input and support, each student can develop and demonstrate their independence and responsibility -- along with knowledge about who they are -- through this process. In the end, the application process is about all students finding the college that is the right fit for them, which meets their academic and career goals, suits the desires they have for campus life, and provides the resources and opportunities they're seeking.

Our counselor, Becky Ford Haffner, meets with families at the end of their 10th grade year to discuss the college counseling process at Crossroads. Additional meetings are held throughout 11th and 12th grade in order to help students and their families with the search, application, and selection process. In addition, newsletters with information for all upper school students are sent regularly throughout the year.