Coin Drive to Benefit St. Stephen’s Food Pantry


This year for the Student Council Annual Fundraiser, StuCo decided to make a positive impact in Ferguson. Class of 2017 StuCo Rep Annie Chappell, whose family lives in Ferguson, researched organizations that might be appropriate recipients of our coin drive’s proceeds. The Food Pantry at St. Stephen’s was one of several worthy options Annie presented to StuCo for consideration. The organization is focused on the food needs of people in Ferguson.

For more information on the Food Pantry at St. Stephen’s and how it has been responding to changing needs, see this report from St. Louis Public Radio:

Here’s how the Coin Drive works. It’s a competition among grade levels. Which class will win?

  • Students add pennies to their own grade’s jar for positive points, one point per penny.
  • Students add higher-value coins or paper bills to other grade’s jars to give them negative points equal to the value of the coin or bill.

So spend a little time over Spring Break digging under the couch cushions and raiding the penny jar to aid those in need in our city. Thank you!

–Student Council