Chess Update: 5-6-2015


Gateway Chess Awards are TONIGHT!

The annual awards buffet will be held at the Golden Corral, 6110 S. Lindbergh. Dinner at 6:30, awards at 7:30. All students who played on Wednesdays or Thursdays this year are invited. The following students will be receiving awards: Ernie McCarter, Matt Larson, Rock Jia, Katie Stujenske, David Dong, and Yossi Rovinsky. We will also be receiving the Eastern Conference 1st place trophy.

Chess Potluck Recap

The annual chess potluck and awards program was held last Sunday at the home of Corinne Groark and David, Joey, and Faith blank. We had a wonderful evening enjoying the beautiful weather, eating delicious food, and recognizing our players for the wonderful season just completed.

Joey Blank, Sarah Crawford, Jonathan Lake, Nyla Long, Doug Koller, and David Dong received their varsity letters, while LaVaughn Caradine, Homer Dula, Katie Stujenske, Andrew Kowalkowski, and Solomon Cooper received a pin to add to their letters. Middle Schoolers Russell Bigham, Mac Beatrice, Ernie McCarter, Parker Lake, Mystik Stargod, and Upper Schoolers Blake Fondren and Rock Jia were recognized for their participation this year. Howard gave special recognition to our three seniors, Solomon, Andrew, and Matthew. They have a cumulative 17 years with our chess team!

The following students received special awards on Sunday:

  • Yossi Rovinsky: School Chess Club Participation
  • Ernie McCarter and David Dong: Tournament Attendance (MS and HS)
  • Emanuel Gerbi and Matthew Larson: best records (MS and HS)
  • Joey Blank: Team Spirit
  • Nyla Long: Team Player
  • Doug Koller: Most Improved
  • Emanuel Gerbi: Most Valuable Player, 2014-1015 season

Our players play with intensity, are easily coached, and support one another. They have made coaching this season a pleasure.

Final thanks to Jodi Granok and to assistant coaches Michael Bartley and Ed Dromgoole. You are the best!

Here’s a summary of how the team as a whole did this year:

  • 1st place, HS division, Gateway Team Tournament
  • 1st place, 9th grade and under division, Gateway Fall Open
  • 1st place, 9th grade and under division, Gateway Board Tournament
  • 1st place, 10th grade, Missouri Grade Championships
  • 2nd place, HS division, Gateway Class Tournament
  • 4th place, HS Division, Gateway Board Tournament
  • 4th place, 8th grade division, Red Rook Tournament
  • Regular Season Champions, Eastern Conference, Gateway Chess League
  • 2nd place, 9th grade and under division, Missouri Scholastic Championships
  • 8th place, HS division, Missouri Scholastic Championships
  • 5th place, U800 Division, National K12 Championships
  • 17th place, U1200 Division, National K12 Championships