Campus Safety


Dear Crossroads College Preparatory School Community:

The grand jury’s decision whether or not to indict Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Mike Brown is planned for middle to late November. Just as I cannot predict a response to the grand jury’s decision, I cannot predict how it will affect the students and families at Crossroads. Ultimately, we will need to be agile and responsive. We will navigate the immediate challenge of this stressful situation and the deeper challenge of sustaining a network of mutuality together. We will be intentional about the time and space we provide for students to talk with and listen to one another, and we will be thoughtful facilitators of these conversations if they emerge in advisory or activity or class.

Last week, I met with the Officer David Berkley, our community outreach officer for the St. Louis Police Department. We discussed the police department’s plan for communicating with Crossroads should there be any imminent concern or danger. I have also reached out to the University City Police Department and asked that a representative communicate with me should there be any safety concerns along Delmar in the Loop. Finally, I have asked both departments to communicate any information they might have about planned events or activities that might interfere with our safety and learning. As these police departments communicate with me about possible unrest or protests, I will communicate with you and to our community via email, Facebook, and Twitter. (If you would like more immediate communication, please follow these instructions to receive texts from me regarding unusual or emergency situations.)

Both officers with whom I spoke do not believe our area in general or our campus in particular are flash points for any dangerous activity. Still, I am prepared to limit off campus privileges, call for a campus lockdown, cancel school, or adjust our schedule as necessary to keep us safe. Just as we rehearse lockdown procedures, I also encourage you to rehearse with your family any response or plans for communication in emergency situations that you have. Plans for traveling to and from school and expectations for the young drivers in your family during emergency situations are also good topics for conversation.

Regardless of the grand jury’s decision, we will continue learning together. The city is our campus, even when the lessons it provides are difficult and painful, and because we are smart and good, we will navigate this with our minds and hearts.

If you have any thoughts or questions or if you have any information or resources that will support our safety and our learning, please email me by clicking here.

With great expectations,