Begin Today As You’d Like to End in May



I often think about how things begin and about how the clarity of a first day can set the direction and tone for how we continue and where we end up. Today, on the first day of school for students, we began in the gym as an entire student, faculty, and staff community. We heard from Kim, our school director, listened to a fun and original song by Student Council, heard a few first-day announcements, and sent the middle schoolers off to camp.

How we begin affects how we end. My advice to students was that they begin today as they hope to end in May. If students hope to end the year with excellent grades, they must begin today with a level of attention, commitment, hard work, and excellence that will yield those grades. If students want to end with stronger relationships at the end of the year, they must turn their attention to those relationships and to the quality of their friendships today, as the year begins.

The beginning of school is one of my favorite days of the year. When students return, the building comes alive, and I feel like the world is moving again. I enjoyed greeting students and visiting classrooms today and was particularly pleased with the few 2015 alums who dropped by for one last walk around the building before heading off to college.

If I can be of any support to you, your child, or your family this year, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am excited about a strong start to what I believe will be an excellent school year.

With great expectations,