Archery Team Success


On Saturday, February 28, fifteen members of the Crossroads Archery Team traveled to Seckman High School for the annual St. Louis Shootout. Crossroads has placed second in the high school division and succeeded in doing so again this year! The team was led by eighth grader Eyvind Hovmand-Warner who shot a 273 (out of a possible 300) with 11 tens. Close behind was senior Adam Goss with a 263 (8 tens) and freshman Jason Boettcher with a 243 (6 tens). Leading the girls were tenth graders Grace Gerbi (234 with 3 tens) and A’Marys Evans (209 with 3 tens).

Eyvind’s score was good enough to qualify him for the Missouri State Tournament being held the end of March. Good luck, Eyvind!

Crossroads College Prep is in its fourth year of offering the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) as an activity. This year alone, more than sixty students have participated in the program. Special thanks to Gerry Lauber and Joe Stickley for coaching our students in this great activity.

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