All-School Blighted Storefront Painting


Crossroads alum Henry Powers (2000) and past art teacher Angela Hunter-Knight are sponsoring an all-school art activity. Help make the city a little brighter by joining with them and other alums on October 3rd to paint an image on a blighted storefront. Bring your creativity and whatever paint you have leftover around your house!

October 3, 2015
2311 S Jefferson Ave
St Louis, MO 63104

We will work 10 a.m. until we are finished.

Here are some items we need:
Polyurethane (2 gallons)
Bucket of paint brushes (can be found at Lowes)
1 Dozen Scissors
2 Cases of drinking water
Magazine cut-outs of large objects and NOT rectangular scenery or pages of landscapes. Trees or mountains are fine, but not in rectangular frames
1 Gallon of black paint

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