Acts of Love



On Monday when I welcomed students back from spring break, I told them that I was looking forward to the fun activities that are a part of the last two months of school: prom, athletic events, The Addams Family, a middle school dance, field day, graduation, and others. I shared that as much as I am looking forward to these fun and important events, I know that they can diffuse our focus. I reminded students that my expectation for academic excellence remains high. “The care and commitment of teachers to your learning is an act of love,” I said, “and your respectful and responsible engagement with the learning is your way of returning that love.”

That may have been a little dramatic, but I, really, was overcome a bit, as I generally am, when we are all gathered together after a break. “I wonder if this is what my grandmother feels like when her whole family from children to great-great-grandson are gathered together,” I wondered aloud. A little laughter followed, but that was okay. Our students are warm and encouraging.

This month we have two Good Work days when we engage in excellent, ethical, and engaging work on behalf of our Good Work partners in the area. This work is also an act of love as it shows that we care about and are committed to our city and to learning and work beyond the walls of our campus. It’s a way that we show that we are respectful of and responsible for our neighbors as well. Good Work days this month will also help the focus I referred to earlier as time away and a break and routine will be refreshing to our attention.

The rest of the school year will move quickly, and I am looking forward to the pace, the fun, and what else we might learn in the months to come.

With great expectations,