Activity Classes


“Are you Makers or Builders?” asked Jeremy.
“Makers,” said Carter.


IMG_4900At 2:30pm today the energy at Crossroads shifted a bit as students gathered for their activity classes for the first time this semester. It was exciting to watch the students in the Maker and Builder activities burst into the Makerspace (formerly room 6). So far, mostly boxes have filled the room. Students were eager to get them open and start putting together shelves, cabinets, and tables.

Other activities have started with a energy and excitement as well: A Cappella Choir, Social Justice, Life Skills, Knitting and Dying, String Orchestra, Mock Trial, Archery, Darts, and more. The Activities program at Crossroads College Preparatory School is an important part of who we are. When I meet with prospective partners, prospective families, and other people interested in our school, I always emphasize that we make time in our schedule for the kind learning that takes place in Activity, in Advisory, during Community Time, and during Announcements

Many of these lessons are foundational to Crossroads: relationship building, curiosity and interest development, empathy, listening, and collaboration. Activity classes change the pace of the week, give breaks from more content-centered learning, and allow students to practice some of what they learn in their other classes in authentic situations and settings. We take time for Activities, and other non-academic times, on purpose. We take time out for these activities and still maintain a rigorous academic program for our smart and good students who, because of their academic preparedness and because of what they learn in other contexts like Activity classes, are able to go anywhere from here

With great expectations,