A Thank You Note from Our UCCC Good Work Partner


In the note below, Tameka is referring to our last day of Good Work.

Dear Crossroads College Prep Students,

Yesterday was an extremely “Good Work “day and a day full of events for UCCC. We appreciate your support in the garden, with our gallery set-up and sidewalk decor for Literacy Night. Many parents complimented your artistic skills as they entered the building.  They loved what you accomplished with the paint and the messages you displayed for their reading.  Our garden leader is so proud of the organization of our garden due to your support.  And, the timing was great because it rained last night.

Finally, when you worked side by side with the Special School District students, their teachers witnessed something so transforming for them.  They were able to see their students demonstrate skills they have been teaching them; ones necessary to enter the work world.

Thank you for being such amazing students.

I have attached the pics I took.  I would love to have the ones that you took for our library.

Again, we appreciate your support with all that we do for families and the community and hope to enjoy more “Good Work” days with you.  Thank you so much!

Have a great summer and congratulations to the class of 2015!​

Most sincerely,
Tameka Cook
Volunteer Program Manager

University City Children’s Center
6646 Vernon Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63130

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