Order in the Court! Mini Mock Trial on 5th Day

Zoe ConnerUncategorized

Our Courts and Trials course had their first mock trial last week. Shadi Peterman, course teacher, donned lovely judges robes to preside over the case.

In under an hour, middle and high school students worked together to read and analyze a mock case, prepare arguments for prosecution and defense, assign witness roles, and present their case. The case also provided opportunities for learning how the legal system can impact young people’s lives.

Any real or mock attorney would be blown away by how quickly they picked up these skills, especially since only one member of the course had any experience with Mock Trial. The honorable Judge Peterman was certainly impressed!

Next quarter, high school students will have the opportunity to build on their Courts and Trials course, previous Mock Trial participation, or just try something new in the Competition Mock Trial 5th Day course. Since only high schoolers can compete in official Mock Trial competitions, middle schoolers from Courts and Trials will have to look forward to putting their trial skills to use again. We can’t wait to see how our Mock Trial team is bolstered by the additional time and participation for which 5th Day allows!