5th Day Gets Cooking: Food Science I

Zoe ConnerUncategorized

Our Food Science I course has been turning up the heat in our South Kitchen! Over the course of Quarter I, Food Science I students have learned that science is the magic behind all cooking and baking and every recipe’s measurements and ratios require mathematic precision.

Each class began with learning the intricate science behind an element of cooking, then ended with the opportunity for students to apply their new knowledge and perform experiments to see how different ingredients impact the final project. They began the quarter exploring lipids and proteins and learning about denaturation and the Maillard Reaction. They then put their new knowledge to use baking some delicious quiches! Food Science I also learned the science of sucrose, testing the impact of different kinds of sugars in sugar cookie, and the science of gluten making pizzas from all different flours.

Next quarter, there is one more opportunity for students to take Food Science I, a prerequisite to Food Science II in quarter 3. Food Science has been one of our most popular 5th Day Courses, and was one of four applied science 5th Day courses in Quarter 1. These skills will serve students in the lab and the kitchen for the rest of their lives!