5th Day Exhibition Premieres

Zoe ConnerUncategorized

Today, we celebrated an incredible first quarter of our groundbreaking 5th Day curriculum with 5th Day Exhibition. For the last two months, students have been honing new skills and working on intensive research projects in our weekly 5th Day long blocks.

Every Wednesday, students have three hours to focus and engage deeply with a topic, whether it be under the guidance of expert educators or independent work with a faculty advisor. Students get to choose a new focus every quarter, providing opportunities to try something entirely new, take risks, and build on what they’ve learned in previous quarters.

Our 5th Day approach utilizes modern research about adolescent brains – student learn best when they have the time, space, and focus to enter a flow state, becoming entirely present with themselves and their intellectual and creative pursuits. Since students learn and do so much during each 5th Day quarter, 5th Day leaders Bryan Pannill and Ethan Lightfoot designed a quarterly 5th Day Exhibition to showcase student learning and projects, allow students to learn from each other, engage our wider community, and celebrate the tremendous curiosity and commitment of students and faculty over each 5th Day Quarter.

Today’s 5th Day Exhibition featured demonstrations from Ceramics, Robotics, Outdoor Education, Theatre, and Food Science. Ceramics set up throwing wheels in the entrance and sold earrings featuring indentations of native plants from the Susan B. Lanigan Rain Garden. Theatre showed off their choreographed fights and other in-progress scenes from the upcoming Fall Play. Food Science filled the building with a delectable smell from their cookie and pizza making.

STL Homes & Houses, Courts & Trials, and STL Sports History engaged parents and students with individual and group presentations and panels. Additionally, we had two Community Service presentations by Valeria (Behind the Scenes) and Jack Z. (Rebuilding the Tower) and five Mastery Learning Presentations by Lizzie (Holistic World Views), Ariana (Jewelry), Adreana (ASL in Your Face), Charlie (Urban Education in STL), and Bryan (The Power of Python). 

Students and family members answered passport questions at each presentation and demonstration and munched on popcorn and doughnuts. At the closing ceremony, Bryan and Ethan drew completed passports to reward several lucky students with gift cards. What a wonderful morning filled with passion, excitement, and joy! Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us – if you couldn’t make the premiere 5th Day Exhibition and but want to experience this incredible, unique event, mark your calendars for next quarter’s Exhibition on December 14!