2015 Mastery Learning Projects


Our current MLP students will present their final projects on Friday May 1st (9:50-10:20 in the Black Box). The Mastery Learning program is a single semester independent course open to Upper School students designed to provide an opportunity to explore a topic or execute a project that falls outside the boundaries of typical high school courses. This spring, we have three projects: Annie Chappell and Elaina Grimm are writing, illustrating, and creating a children’s book in French; Ivan Boyers is working in support of a foundation in Ghana for children and people with disabilities; and Adam Goss is designing a lighting/tech booth for the Crossroads theater. All members of the community are welcome to hear about this important and creative work on May 1.

New MLP proposals: Students interested in completing a Mastery Learning Project in the fall of 2014 should begin talking to a mentor now. The completed proposals are due to Sarah PW by May 11.

Proposal:  To apply, submit a typed proposal of fewer than 500 words that describes:

  1. what you propose to do
  2. why you want to do this project
  3. how you plan to proceed
  4. a description of assessment: How will we know you have met your goals at the end?