I feel very lucky that I am able to teach one semester-long class as the Head of School for Crossroads. This year I am teaching our African American Literature class, and I find this both joyful and challenging. We have been reading A Mercy by Toni Morrison and talking about how Morrison builds the story using multiple perspectives and points of view. What we know about the characters and the plot shifts as we read. I find both Morrison’s story and method captivating.

Teaching is the best hour of my day. It feels like time slows down and reminds me that I am able to contribute directly to our students’ learning, to witness what is smart and good about them, and to put into practice what I learn from observing our faculty. It also gets me close to the multiple perspectives and points of view our students represent and share, and so I am able to witness, first hand, the kinds of thinkers our academic program hones in our students.

Out of all that Crossroads offers me, personally and professionally, as its Head of School, I think the support I receive from the students, faculty, staff, community, and board for teaching is its greatest gift. It’s a daily reminder of what brought me to this profession, what brought me to leadership, and what brought me to Crossroads. Teaching allows me to practice at the classroom- and design-level of our school our mission and values, and keeps me close to those for whom we are here.

With great expectations,