Makerspace Update


IMG_7473Wrapping up the year in the Makerspace, our students and faculty staffed a booth at the Art of the Possible in Taylor Hall at the St. Louis Art Museum.  This was ITEF’s (Innovative Technology Education Fund) big event of the year and Crossroads was asked to participate as a grant recipient from last year.  Our students did a fantastic job and received high praise.  You know things are going well when attendees stop by our table, talk to our students, and then immediately look for an adult staff member because they want to compliment our students and their work.  This happened many times over the course of the evening.  We are proud of the work of the Makerspace and the new pathways to learning it has offered our students; students who immediately rose to the occasion.
FullSizeRender (4)
Next year, new tools will arrive in the Makerspace as we complete our final purchases in early June.  Crossroads is also offering two Makerspace classes next year for the first time.  These classes were designed by our Makerspace Group, a group of nine faculty members, working to connect the Makerspace and student learning.  The Makerspace has evolved with student input, ideas, and designs, and it will continue to do so next year as the Makerspace itself is a design-thinking project in action.  Thank you for all your support!

To see a video about ITEF’s projects this year, click here. To go to the Crossroads portion of the video, skip to the 8th minute.