Makerspace Grant



Just three weeks ago, I wrote about a grant that we submitted to the Innovative Technology Education Fund (ITEF). I mentioned that our grant, Creating Innovative and Ethical Solutions through Creative Work and Makerspace, reinforces an ethical dimension to designing and making that is uniquely Crossroads.

Last week, the board of ITEF voted to fund 70% of our grant; that means we will receive over $65,000 to create a Makerspace here at Crossroads! In addition to purchasing a range of technology (eg, two 3D printers), software (eg, Adobe Creative Cloud), and tools and materials to support designing and making with wood, textiles, and metal, teachers will have an opportunity to participate in professional development related to design thinking and the use of the makerspace we are creating. We have already planned for explicit ways in which seventh through ninth graders will gain experience with design thinking and use the makerspace. Science, art, and activity classes will be enhanced in their design thinking with the makerspace as a resource.

This is a very exciting opportunity for students at Crossroads. Because we are small, we can be agile in how we respond to this opportunity, and we can make sure every student has access. The makerspace will also provide another avenue for student creativity and problem solving. I wonder what insights students might gain, what ideas might students might bring to life, and what innovative and ethical solutions students might discover as a result of this grant . . .

With great expectations,