Kayla Sullivan’s Graduation Speech



President Obama once mentioned a crossroads as a place where differences of culture, religion, and conviction can coexist with friendship, civility, hospitality, and especially love. And, we are destined to get there here at Crossroads but it is the journey that has birthed growth in us all. We’ve had hard times and we’ve had great times and essentially, we realize that the story doesn’t just end here. Yes, my fellow peers we have all accomplished something great, 12 years of education but that doesn’t mean that the hard work is over. We have goals that we must achieve which is why we’ve made it this far. It’s so important to stay focused especially on the joys of life, for it is the joys of life in which we truly live and truly breath. The first joy is to remember who you are and who you want to become, so don’t waste your life being the person others would like you to be and thinking the ways other people would like you to think. You have a mind of your own. You are an individual, remember that. Don’t get distracted by the little things or the big things, keep going! The second joy is to strive to explore the adventures of life. Try new things, meet new people, throw a party, go to a party, visit Dubai. Think in new ways and find fun in challenges. Even try a new candy bar! And the third joy of life is to conquer your purpose and never be misguided by tough circumstances. For these are the ABCs of life.

You see in our Crossroads class of 2016, we have future CEOS, neurologists, filmmakers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and architects who are making a difference not just in the future but today! For there are people who are going to try to stop us but we have to keep going no matter what because we can do anything. We have to be and do us because we are all seeds of greatness.

So what’s the first and only step? To live our best lives now because frankly life is too short and anything could happen and it takes more than belief, it takes action. We must strive to do our best in all areas of life because the path to success is our test. We must believe in ourselves, make everyday count, inspire our communities, stop quitting and persevere, value our talents, make use of our time, be diverse in our thinking to destroy ignorance, be open, and be enthused about reaching for stars. For to be leaders of this generation we have to invest in today. And that’s what this class of 2016 is about! Making a difference and loving life!