Begin Again



Please review this Wednesday Notice thoroughly! Now is the time to sign up for Plus Portals, to order lunch, and to complete emergency forms and permission forms for middle school camp. Now is the time to check in with your child: How is the summer reading going? Do you have your books? Preparing for school is a time of joy and details (the two of which feel sometimes at cross purposes). To begin well together, we need the joy and excitement as well as the details complete!

This week, the entire Crossroads faculty and staff returned to school. This is always a special moment for me as I am proud of and confident in the smart and good faculty and staff at Crossroads. We will be learning together in an Understanding and Analyzing Systemic Racism workshop for most of this week. Beginning this work on the anniversary of the death of Mike Brown is poignant and reminds us all, I hope, of the seriousness of this work together. It is important to our school community and to the city which is our campus.

The beginning of school is always inspirational for me. We begin again, and we begin again from a different place than we began last year. We can see that last year’s hard work puts us in a different place, and so we spiral continuously toward excellence, toward better versions of ourselves. Learning is the work for all of us, and I have great expectations for what we come to know and come to do together.

Nothing without joy,