A Message from Kim


Greetings Crossroads Community,

This past weekend, Crossroads College Prep hosted a 2.5 day Understanding and Analyzing Systemic Racism Workshop for thirty-five individuals from nine organizations in our region. I had the privilege of learning alongside thirteen members of the Crossroads community. I am so proud of the good and hard work done by this group, which represented parents, grandparents, trustees, alumni, coaches, and teachers. Some of the takeaways from our time together were:

  • A realization that we all experience Crossroads differently. The experience from one family to another, or from students to parents, can be very different. I left with a greater realization of how important it is to have us learn from each other.
  • A beginning understanding of how to make our community as inclusive as it is diverse. One common theme that came up in this workshop was the need to reflect on which traditions or longstanding ways of doing things is in the way of anti-bias/anti-racism work.
  • A commitment to continued learning opportunities for ourselves and members of the community. After our faculty and staff completed this training in the fall, we organized a committee to help plan opportunities for faculty/staff and students. This group from last weekend intends to offer learning opportunities throughout the spring for parents, families, and students as well.

Again, I consider it a privilege to be doing this challenging and good work with our students, faculty, staff, and families. I invite you to reach out with any thoughts or questions.

Kim Townsend