Crossroads History

Crossroads College Preparatory School, formerly known as Crossroads School, celebrated its fortieth birthday during the 2014-2015 school year. It was founded by Arthur and Carol Lieber in the City of St. Louis as a middle school in 1974. The Liebers located the school in the city of St. Louis so that students would have access to the many resources the city has to offer. Their goal was to take learning outside the classroom and into the community.

Front of Building 05-02-2002 (2)In 1981, the Liebers moved the school to the Skinker-DeBaliviere neighborhood and added a high school. Since then, Crossroads College Preparatory School has grown into a college preparatory middle and high school with a strong record of engaging students actively in their learning and of educating students to think critically and creatively. Students from Crossroads College Preparatory School attend a wide array of colleges and universities all over the country, including Kansas City Art Institute, Yale College, Brown University, Oberlin College, Xavier University, Washington University, Webster University, the University of Chicago, Spelman College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Morehouse College.

Crossroads College Preparatory School has earned a reputation for the success of its students in receiving outstanding offers of merit-based scholarships to attend the finest colleges and universities in the country. The Crossroads College Preparatory School graduating class of 2014 received more than 5 million dollars in merit based scholarship offers.

As Crossroads College Preparatory School has grown and developed over the past years, many things have changed. The school has continued to refine a rigorous college preparatory academic curriculum that requires all seniors to take courses at local colleges and universities as a part of their final year. The school has added many Advanced Placement classes to the curriculum, and the English program has come to focus on students reading and analyzing the “Great Books” of world literaure. All students take a lab-based science every year, and students may choose to study Spanish or Chinese. In addition, the highly regarded success of the Crossroads College Preparatory School art program has flourished with students producing incredible work in every medium.


In extra-curricular activities, Crossroads College Preparatory School has added many new opportunities over the past few years, including women’s volleyball . Our Crossroads College Prep chess team has ranked in the top four in the state of Missouri for the past 14 years and has won six State Championships. In a variety of activities, Crossroads College Preparatory School students have earned trips to state tournaments and competed successfully.

In 2002, Crossroads College Preparatory School completed its first successful capital campaign and moved into new facilities that doubled the size of the campus. These new facilities included a new gymnasium, a new cafeteria, new classrooms, and new office space.

gym under construction2002However, much at Crossroads College Preparatory School remains the same. Students and teachers continue to work closely together so students are energized and excited about learning. Students at Crossroads College Preparatory School are committed to making their world a better place by working in the community and serving others. More than just a way to build their resume, students at Crossroads College Preparatory School believe strongly in helping others. The commitment to diversity that was a founding principle of the school is now stronger than ever with students coming from over sixty zip codes, forty percent of the students being children of color, thirty five percent of the student body receiving financial assistance, and students being interested in everything from basketball to chemistry to music. Students know that they are individuals within a community where mutual respect is expected of everyone.

In the 2004-05 school year, Crossroads College Preparatory School entered its fourth decade ready to build on the many successes of the school’s past thirty years. Enrollment is growing, students participate in more extracurricular activities than ever before, colleges eagerly seek out our students, parents support the school in every way possible, and the Board of Trustees is working to implement the school’s long-term planning.

After much research, the Board of Trustees of Crossroads School in 2006 voted to change the name of the school to Crossroads College Preparatory School to reflect the school’s ongoing commitment to challenging students academically and preparing them for college.

After 15 years as Head of Crossroads College Preparatory School, Billy Handmaker resigned to take the position of Head of the Bosque School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Clark Daggett was appointed Head of Crossroads College Prep in 2011. Clark retired in 2014 and Dr. Jason Heisserer was appointed Head that spring.