Crossroads College Prep is committed to providing a varied and integrated educational experience for our students, which includes using technology to help them reach their maximum potential. The Crossroads graduate enters society with more than just an excellent education; they are prepared to engage in a dynamic world where technology is at the forefront. Our vision is to expand learning beyond classroom walls, support all learners, and bring the school community closer together, while creating global connections and encouraging innovation, discovery, collaboration.

Crossroads College Prep’s entire campus features a state-of-the-art wireless network, providing high-speed access inside and outside the classroom. Technology is used throughout from SMART Boards and projectors in all of our classrooms to state-of-the-art digital sound equipment in the music lab.

Technology is integrated into the curriculum and taught as a separate course on its own. There are technology workshops at the beginning of the year for middle and upper school students. Middle and upper school students learn how to log on to the network, access their e-mail and intranet pages, and discuss ethics when using the Internet.


Middle and Upper school students also work on multimedia projects that incorporate iMovie, iPhoto, Keynote, and animation. Students use Photoshop, digital cameras, scanners, and color printers in art classes; Khan Academy, graphing calculators, spreadsheets, and Geometer’s Sketch Pad in math; iMovie, iPhoto and Keynote in history and social studies, just to name a few applications.

Computer Applications class gives students an introduction to and basic understanding of the Internet, HTML, the iWork productivity suite, and the history of computers. Computer Programming class concentrates on the study of C++ game programming and Javascript while students learn higher-level programming skills and techniques.

  • Two computer labs featuring iMac computers
  • Makerspace featuring 2 3d printers, CNC cutting machine, and arduino-type programmable boards
  • 20 MacBook Airs on mobile cart
  • 20 iPads on mobile cart
  • Eight iMacs in the library
  • Video projectors in all classrooms
  • Smartboards in all classrooms
  • Parents have internet access to student reports and class assignments
  • Campus-wide wireless internet access
  • Faculty laptop computer program
  • AP Computer Science Principles, Computer Programming, and Applications in the curriculum

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