Our Families Say

Our families know us best and love to tell those looking at Crossroads about their experiences. If you’d like to connect directly with any of these families, please contact admissions@crossroadscollegeprep.org.


Katie, Dave, and
Oliver V

7th Grade
When we visited Crossroads as a prospective family, we could tell this is a school where showing up as your true and full self is valued.

Sharon and
Bryan Ammons

9th Grade
The top 5 reasons we love Crossroads!

Jim Guest, Liz Lewis,
Andrew and Claire Guest

Class of 2019 and 12th Grade
Crossroads has been excellent academically, preparing our son to excel at a demanding college, and putting our senior year daughter in a position to have great post-high school choices herself.

Al, Liz, Nick, and
Alex Babusis

Class of 2020 and 7th Grade
Crossroads provided a solid education for our oldest son, Nick, who is now in his first year at a great engineering school.

Riisa Rawlins-Easley
and Nadia Rawlins

11th Grade
Being in a school that prioritized college-readiness AND paid attention to the ways in which Black students are often marginalized in academic settings was of the utmost importance to us.