2019-2020 Department Contacts

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Faculty and Staff Contacts

If you have questions, feedback, or concerns about a specific program please call the main telephone number (367-8085) to reach the following individuals:

Athletics Bob Beatrice
Admission/Re-enrollment Alexis Newsome
College Counseling Becky Ford Haffner

Faculty Supervision and Observation

Curriculum and Instruction

Master Schedule

Student Supervision and Discipline

School Safety

Rebecca Spears


Alumni Relations

Parent Volunteerism

Marketing and Communications

Anne May
Deparmental Curriculum

Department Chairs:

English: Sarah Pierson Wolff

Fine and Performing Arts: Christa Denney

Mathematics: Joe Stickley

Practical Arts: Mark Norwood

Science: Howard Granok

Social Studies: Shadi Peterman

World Languages: Jad McDaniel

Good Work Mark Norwood
Guidance Counseling Celeste Chappuis
Learning Strategist Carrie Shaughnessy
Student Life Gretchen Roberts
Library Susan Kane
Registrar/Transcripts Chiriga Bogan-Garrett
Tuition Payments Sara Chrisler

As Head of School, Jason is the educational and operational leader of Crossroads. He is always available to address your feedback, questions, or just to say hello!