HEC-TV "Behind the Minds: Stand Out Student: Hope Gregory"

Updated at May 21, 2012 14:16

This episode of Behind the Minds literally begins on a high note from Crossroads College Preparatory School’s "Harmonic Rush." The a cappella group formed less than a year ago is already impressing crowds with their incredible harmonies. You’ll also meet a "Standout Student" from the school (Hope Gregory) who’s becoming a role model for others. Behind the Minds strives to feature innovative academic programs and inspiring educators and students from around the St. Louis area and this episode is no exception with features on College Bound, the Parkway Digital Film Festival, Hazelwood West High School and more. Co-host Gina Kurre also reports on how area schools are addressing the growing problem of heroin addiction and overdoes among high school students. The episode also features Crossroads’ efforts at sustainability.

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