Application Checklist


December 15, 2017 (9th grade)

January 16, 2018 (all grades)

Click here for details on each of the items below:

  • My student attended a half-day visit.
  • My student’s application has been completed and I gave permission for SSAT to release this application to Crossroads (Crossroads’ School Code is #2672).
  • My student has taken the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT). We gave permission for Crossroads to receive my child’s scores (Crossroads’ School Code is #2672).
  • I attended a parent/guardian interview with Corinne Groark, Director of Admission.
  • I have requested the last two years of my child’s school transcripts be sent to Crossroads directly from my child’s school.** A release form is on the SSAT website.
  • I have requested an academic recommendation from one of my child’s teachers via the SSAT Standard Application.
  • I have requested a non-academic letter of recommendation from an adult in my child’s life via the SSAT Standing Application.


** Schools occasionally find it challenging to upload transcripts to the SSAT online application. If this happens, please let your school know that transcripts may be mailed directly to Crossroads College Prep. As is standard practice, the seal on every transcript’s mailing envelope needs to be signed by a school official. Crossroads College Preparatory School, 500 DeBaliviere Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63112.