Six Ways We Are Different

All schools should teach children and provide a safe place for learning and growth. At Crossroads College Prep, we do that and more. We’ve spent the past year focusing on what makes our school different. If these values are important to you, we invite you to come see them in person.








1. Smart AND Good

Intelligence is a tool. It’s not enough to be smart. We expect our students to be smart AND good. Crossroads prepares students to be successful in college and to be actively engaged in the wider community. Our students think critically, solve problems creatively, and act with empathy.

2. Everyone Has a Voice

While many schools value diversity and kindness, Crossroads has created a culture where everyone has a place, a voice, and something to contribute. Students advocate for themselves and their beliefs with confidence, and learn to listen to and respect different people and ideas.

3. Small Is an Asset

Our size and culture foster authentic relationships and motivate students to discover common interests.

4. Flexibility Provides Balance

We combine challenging academics with athletics, the arts, chess, and other activities PLUS the ability to continue whatever outside interests our students choose to pursue. Our student body includes accomplished athletes, performers, and participants in top-level competitions and organizations.

5. The City Is Our Campus

We are proud to be located in the City of St. Louis, near Forest Park, Washington University, and some of the finest fields, courts, and museums in the region. Our campus extends beyond the walls of our building.

6. Be Yourself

When students know and understand themselves, they can tap into their full potential. At Crossroads, students spend time discovering passions and talents instead of focusing on where they fit in.